Float Trips

Boiling Springs Resort is just a short walk from the 10 million gallon-a-day spring for which it is named. Located on the beautiful Big Piney River between the towns of Licking and Houston, Missouri, the Resort is roughly a two-hour drive from Springfield, Columbia, or St. Louis.

As outfitters on the Big Piney River we rent canoes, kayaks, tubes, and gear, as well as providing shuttle services for passengers, boats, and vehicles. We can help plan custom and multi-day float trips with overnight river camping and are happy to coordinate with outfitters downriver.

The near-pristine Big Piney River is great for families, beginners, old-timers, anglers, or anyone wanting an easy-paced float with lots of shade, swimming holes, and scenic wilderness views. The Piney's moderate flow rate and extreme clarity make excellent fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, and goggle-eye bass, as well as other game species. Field & Stream magazine rated the Big Piney as one of the best fishing rivers in Missouri. The upper reaches are narrow, shallow, and unpopular for motorized watercraft.

Listed below are River Accesses (mileage, and approximate moving times):

Float Trip Points Upstream Returning to Boiling Springs Resort:

Cantrell Ford (5 miles, 3-5 hours)

Five miles, approximately 3 hours moving time.

A shallow start leads to deeper pools with a mix of sun and dense shade.

Good for beginners, families with younger children, anglers, and mixing water craft such as SUPs and tubes with canoes or kayaks.

Sand Shoals (8 miles, 4-8 hours) **our most popular float!**

Eight miles, approximately 4 hours moving time.

Our most popular float with an ideal mix of riffles, pools, swimming holes, and gravel bars for picnics. Perfect length for an all-day float trip. This is a great float for families, Scout troops, fishermen, photographers—whatever you want to do in a canoe.

Mineral Springs (12 miles, 6-12 hours)

Twelve miles, approximately 6 hours moving time.

If you like to leave early, normally paddle at about 3 MPH, want a nice, all-day float, and don't plan on stopping much, this is the float for you. A great route for touring kayaks.

Also great as an overnight float.

Dogs Bluff (18 miles, 9-18 hours)

Eighteen miles, approximately 9 hours moving time.

You must average 3-4 MPH to do this in a day. If you’re late, forget it as a day float. You won't make it back before dark. Most people spend two nights camping on the river to do this trip.

The best fishing spots are along this route. According to some.

Record time: 4 hours

Float Trips From Boiling Springs Resort to Points Downstream:

Old Mason Bridge (6 miles, 3-6 hours)

Six miles, approximately 3 hours moving time.

Expect to do some actual paddling, and there’s usually a headwind. There are beautiful sections, and a fun chute along a rock outcrop that thrills. 
With its mix of sloughs and deep pools, many anglers prefer this route.

Keep going PAST THE BRIDGE to the access point.

Pick-Up Times are 4 & 6 PM.

Slabtown Bridge (15 miles, 8-15 hours)

Fifteen miles, approximately 8 hours moving time.

Perfect overnighter.
This one, you do stop at the bridge. The SECOND bridge. Get river-left when you see it and pull in upstream of the bridge. There’s a mean strainer just past it. Seriously, don’t hit that freaking thing.

Pick up times are 3 & 5 PM.

Frank's Fisherman's Special (9 miles, 12 hours)

Old Mason Bridge to Slabtown Bridge, 9 miles, approximately all day moving time.

This trip requires 2 shuttles. Depart BSR 6:30 AM, Arrive Slabtown Bridge 6:30 PM.

The Missourian Canoe, or the boat of your choice.

You're ready for some serious fishing and don't want to waste time screwing around with the first six miles like some tourist.

Ross Bridge (30 miles, 15-30 hours)

Thirty-five miles, approximately 24 hours moving time.

Time is not a concern of yours and you have enough gear, water, and food to spend several nights on the river. If you LOVE not having phone service, if you want to get away from it all and ACTUALLY BE AWAY FROM IT, then this is the float for you.

There’s another resort or two down there--we’re happy to accommodate campers who wish to also visit them, and we can coordinate with them at your request.

We will also haul your personal boats, and we can shuttle you or your vehicle.

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